Before a reader can make the connection between which star's power enables the child to advance in knowledge, the reader must establish which house or sign is attributed knowledge in the horoscope. Are there any stars that hinder education?
Mercury is known principally for showing intelligence, a tendency to read and write, business acumen, and money-making skills with access to domestic affairs. Mercury should be evaluated in each person's horoscope to determine how strong it is or whether it has blessings, and whether it is in a specific house.

Blessings on houses

First house: Mercury's presence in the first house signifies wisdom and intelligence, an eagerness to explore, and a tendency towards poetry, hidden sciences, and royal life. Mercury, in the first house in the twelve constellations, gives almost good results as long as no evil planet is associated with it.

Second house: Mercury in the second house means clever, a writer, a clerk, a music lover, a journalist, and a clerk, however, it is not suited for Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn.

Third house: Mercury in the third house makes a person eager to study, travel, a good brother, brave, a researcher, and a reputable business person. However, it is not good for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces.

Fourth house: Mercury in the fourth house brings peace at home; however, Mercury plays a minor role in reading and writing there.

Fifth house: Mercury in the fifth house brings the child to a higher level of knowledge, reading, writing, and education. An educated and successful man becomes a consultant.

Sixth house: Mercury in this house signifies mechanical accounting and mental readiness, but Mercury can also cause illnesses and health problems as well as aversion. They may be abusive or talkative.

Seventh house: Mercury's place in the seventh house differs from the traditions with the intelligent, the poet, the teacher, the lecturer, the philosopher, and fame. The child could become a lecturer or teacher if this occurs in the zodiac sign. In the presence of evil stars, such a child could become an expert in escaping from school.

Eighth house: Mercury in the eighth house gives intelligence, knowledge, advocacy, property, and land acquisition, but the opposite effect occurs in female or female horoscopes, giving mental problems, depression, worries and anxieties, and heart problems.

Ninth House: Mercury is associated with higher education, intelligence, wisdom, and law education when it is in the ninth house. It provides the opportunity to study abroad. People who are far from religion can, however, change their religion. Leos may become astrologers, mathematicians, or scientists. Negative stars or constellations would not support these attributes. In the case of a Sagittarius or a Pisces, negative effects will occur.

Tenth house: The tenth house is a good house for administrative skills, high intelligence, fame, and politics. It gives a person a good reputation and a high position in business and fluency in several languages. If the planet Mercury is in a bad state, this will make it more likely that he will be an expert in deception and fraud. Other bad stars will add to the negative effects.

Eleventh house: The eleventh house manifests well-defined ideologies, is well-liked by friends and brings a lot of success. The signs Pisces, Libra, Taurus, or Aries, however, are considered bad.

Twelfth house: Mercury signs assist children with understanding themselves. Conscience and secret knowledge are derived from their sixth sense. A Mercury in the twelfth house implies the owner of media spies or intelligence agencies. A negative star removes all the effects of blessings, and deception brings expertise in fraud and forgery. In this vision, Saturn and Jupiter merge to create a fraudulent agent.

Now readers need to understand that the first, second, third, fifth, and ninth house of the horoscope are viewed in terms of education. These constellations have their own houses and stars. In the horoscope of the child, the star of devotion has strength in the first house. When the child's star is strong, other weaknesses can be easily overcome. The first house is a pillar of worldly affairs. To begin with, one must consider the strength of the house. Remember to check the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th houses for the presence of any bad stars. The third house shows the child's education and power of speech. In the case of an obstacle resulting from a star, the child will not be attracted to primary education. The fifth house of the horoscope indicates the child's degree of consciousness and intellect. It also indicates the child's interest in education. The fifth house represents primary education. When the blessing of a star is present here, the child will be drawn toward education. Meanwhile, the presence of an evil star will cause a distance or weakness from education. The seventh house in a child's horoscope represents school and college life. A child usually graduates between the ages of fourteen and sixteen. 

At the time of birth, Saturn will be situated in the seventh house. In the presence of Saturn, children born in the twelfth or second house lose focus on education. In such situations, Mercury is not effective. Higher education is associated with the ninth house horoscope, as well as education abroad. When a child fails in obtaining higher education, the tendency to move forward in the child ends, and education is said to be abandoned at such times.

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