What are bad effects of Saturn? I pray that may God bless eternal peace to Agha Nisar Hussain and Agha Iftikhar Hussain and also bless them with highest of ranks in Jannah. Ameen. Most of the readers call me just to inquire about Saarh Sati (Bad timings / effects). I am writing this article as an information for those who ask such questions so they get a clear idea about saarh sati. From last 15 years I am writing articles under the supervision of my father Agha Hasnain Ahmed. It is experimented many times that Saturn is ominous its related number is 8 and that is ominous as well. This number is a main cause of different calamities. Saturn complete its orbit in all 12 zodiacs in 29 years.

The original nature of this planet is cold and dry. This is a rule of natural sciences that cold shrinks everything and heat expands everything. The position of Saturn is seventh sky. This planet is ruler of Saturday also a ruler of two stars Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn orbits its constellation upside and down during 1 to 22 years in every zodiac. Its entrance in any of constellation is termed as Saarh Sati /bad times / ominousness. Currently three zodiacs aur facing the effects of saarh sati of Saturn, among them are Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. These constellations are facing tough times due to saarh sati. The Saar Sati / Bad effects of Saturn, the entire period is considered as the ominous time.

When the Saturn pass by house numbers 1, and 12 of any zodiacs that orbit consider as Saar sati. The Saturn stays for two and a half years. So, it holds three constellations for seven and half years. This time period is determined as Saar sati. In the same period the people face disgrace, loss in trade, suspension of business, grief, unpaid labor, sickness, imprisonment, deportation, death by fire, closure and loss.

May Allah Almighty keep us away from the evilness Elahi ameen. The suggested suitable business for the zodiacs that come under the rule of Saturn are land lordship, shoe factory, leather work, merchant, digging, mining and business of iron tools. The suggested charity for these signs is Charity: Black lentils (kaly mash) Black clothes, sesame oil, black goat, cow or buffalo the people those are unable to do charity, should recite this dua after namaz Esha 11 times for consecutive 41 days.

﷽ اَللَّھُمَّ اِنّیِ اَسْئلُکَ بِاَسْمَائِکَ ھُوَ اللہُ الرّحْمٰنُ الرَّحِیْم اَلْمَلِکَ الْقُدّوُسُ۔ رَبِّ زِدْنْیِ عِلْماً وَّرِزْقاًوّعَّزِۃَ بَحِقِّ مُحَمَّدٍ وّآلِ مُحَمّد، بَرِحْمَتِکَ یَا اَرْحَم اَلّرٰحِمِیْن: اَلْعَجَلْ اَلسّاَعَۃَ الوَحا مجھے زحل کی نحوست سے بچائیے۔ بحق یا سَلَامُ، یافَتَّاحُ، یَا رَزّاقُ

Mostly people contact fraudsters after getting panic from this situation. These fraudsters robbed thousands of rupees in term of black magic, enclosure and evil crafts. Though all these crises are the indications of Saar sati. I have observed that if Saturn is in rising position and at the time of one’s birth so Saar sati will bring rise and good name. I suggest to all of those people having any of these issues should contact some literate spiritual guides. Also give charity to save yourself from bad effects of Saar sati and keep the naqsh of Saturn for better results.