Protection amid COVID19 and other fatal diseases

Nowadays, a contagious disease called coronavirus has not only killed human beings but also deprived them of their livelihood and underprivileged the lower classes of their livelihood. For protecting against this fatal disease prepare this Naqsh with pure ink and keep it with you. Make an amulet of this Naqsh so that it doesn’t get damaged by water and sweat.




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For promotion to next scale in employment

From اِنْ تَتُوْبآاِلَی اللہِ to ظَھِیْرٌ (Surat Tahreem, verse 4)

If a man write and keep this verse with him or recite it 111 times daily for 72 days after Fajar, he will get promotion in his Job with the will of Allah. reader is advised to start from Thursday when the moon is not in negative position.

For recovering of loan

(Surat Baqra, Ayaat 40 to 42)

If a person gives a loan to someone and the borrower is not repaying it now, then recite these verses 111 times a day for forty days and then ask for the loan amount back, then Insha’Allah the money will be returned. If he continues to perform it daily after Fajr prayer, he will remain true to the truth. Also, recite these verses on something sweet and serve to a person who is meant to be a witness to something. He will definitely tell truth.

The one doing this should be one of the pious people.

For understanding between Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

وَالقیتُ عَلَیکَ مُحبۃً مِنی وَ لِتُصنعَ عَلٰی عَینیِ یَا حبیبُ یَاوَدُودوُ یَا سَبُوحُ یَا غَفوُرُ ۔

If one writes these names and reads them 4 times on water, rose liquor or on a sweet and puts it in front of the person who is meant to create love and recite this in the heart.

“O Lord, put my love in the heart of such and such in the charity of the sanctity of these names”

Then these prayers will be accepted, Insha’Allah. If he is unable do so, then after every prayer he should recite it on his palm 4 times and turn it over on his body and imagine his need in his heart.


For increase in Business and sustenance

From زیِّنَ اٰمَنُوْا وَاِلَّذِیْنَ    to بَغِیْرِ حِسَا بٍ . (Surat Baqra, verse #212)

To get rid of the scarcity of sustenance, make it a habit to recite this verse 100 times daily after Fajr prayers, 111 times after Zuhr prayers, 121 times after Asr prayers, 131 times after Maghrib prayers and 141 times after Isha prayers. So, insha'Allah, the doors of sustenance will be opened and Allah Almighty will send down His blessings. Besides, if you write this blessed verse and hang it on the place of shop or business, then business will be blessed, Insha’Allah.

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For strong memory

From , then first 5 verses of Surat Baqra.

If the memory of a child or an adult is weak, then he should fast every Thursday from Thursday to Thursday. And if one recites these verses after the Fajr prayers, he will be aware of the hidden things.

For obtaining Job and acceptance of proposal

 (Surat Al-Imran, verses 73,74)

Write the above verses on a piece of paper and tie it on the arm of an unemployed person, then insha'Allah he will get an employment.

And whoever wants to send a message for marriage, write and tie this  on his arm, then insha'Allah his message will be accepted.

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For increase in agriculture and for obtaining offspring

(Surat Al Inaam verse # 96)

If one dissolves this blessed verse in water and pours water into the field, his field will be blessed. And if a woman writes this verse and dissolves it in water and drinks it and makes a talisman and puts it on her head, then insha'Allah she will have children.

To get rid of wicked officer or ruler

If a person has to deal with an aggressive officer but the officer does not treat the people in a right way or his subordinates well. In such condition, the one suffering from the acts of a wicked leader should rely on Allah while doing this practice. You are supposed to start this amal after offering fajr prayer. Recite Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum, after reciting it, make dua for yourself with complete sincerity. Go to the wicked person after completing this Amal, Insha’Allah he will treat you with kindness and politeness.

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