I have found a way for such people. Now you can prepare a ring compatible with your star and stone. Maybe this ring won’t be as effective as the properly prepared ring but it will surely be of good use. You have to be very keen about the material you are using for the preparation of the ring. The material should be compatible with your zodiac sign, the day you are making the ring should also be compatible with your zodiac sign. You also have to take care of the Rijaal-ul-gaybb so that you can take the most advantage of this ring.

Star Leo Planet Sun

People related to this star can get ideal benefits. This ring is for high-class ladies and gentlemen. For example, this ring is especially for MNA’s, MPA’s, Government officials, politicians, and Army and Civil officers. Wearing it will increase honor and dignity, will increase splendor, enemies will not be able to attack. The power of writing and speaking will increase; a special gift will be given to the daughters who are oppressed in the in-laws. Prepare this ring on Sunday, which is the personal day of the sun, will be prepared in the first hour because the first hour also belongs to the sun. The personal metal of this star is gold but gold is very expensive so make it on silver or red copper metal and wear it. Sprinkle gold water on silver or red copper on this ring to give it the proper color.

Let me tell you an interesting point. General Pervez Musharraf always had a gold ring in his right hand. It was a Shams ring that he did not separate from himself. During the speech and while talking on TV, this ring was clearly visible. These are the four talismans (Amaal words)  that will be written in four lines. It is important to have a margin around it. When it is ready, recite Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum on the ring, 177 times and wear it. You will be the ruler and everyone will be forced to listen to you



Star Aries and Planet Mars

This star is associated with power and strength. People from this star are also associated with the Army, Police, Rangers, and other forces by profession. People with this star are arrogant, stubborn, and hard-hearted. There is a little element of compassion in them. For them, the Looh of Mars is perfect. But if the pocket does not allow it, then prepare the ring and wear it. It will conquer the people, conquer, conquer, increase dignity, save from accidents, the enemies will be afraid. Physical weakness will disappear. Write the talisman on the Mars copper ring in the honor of Mars or in the Mars hour on Tuesday and wear it on the finger on the same day.  Recite Ya Malik Ya Quddus 261 times on the Ring and wear it. Recite Darood-e-brahimi 261 times.



Ring of Moon Talisman

Make a silver ring on the moon talisman and wear it. Before wearing it, recite the word يَارَحَمَانُ يَارَحِيمُ 551 times and breathe on it. The star of the moon will have wonderful effects on the people belonging to Cancer Zodiac. Because the moon is honored every month, you can see its time from the Imamia calendar published in Imamia Jantri.


Ring of Mercury Talisman

Make a silver ring at Mercury Talisman on Wednesday at the Mercury Hour. After completing it, recite the special words of Mercury یَاعَلِیُ یِاعَظِیْمُ 1130 times on the ring. Recite Darood-e-Ibrahimi 1130 times too. This ring will benefit you in gaining dignity, progress in education, improvement of memory, protection of life and property, Gemini and Virgo, star Mercury is perfect for those.


Ring of Venus Talisman

Venus is perfect for conquering women, for sure success in every work for love and affection, for submissive women of the house for bad language, wife or husband. Prepare it on the silver ring in Venus. Read یَاکَافِی یَاغَنیُ 1171, breathe and wear it at that time. This ring is the best gift for the people falling into Aquarius, Libra, and Saturn categories.


Capricorn, Aquarius, and Saturn

To eliminate the misfortunes of Saturn, friends who cannot afford to buy should wear it with a ring. Since Saturn occurs 30 years later, you can make it into the Trinity of Saturn and the Sun. Note the accurate time from the Imamia Jantri’s calendar. If you do not know, prepare it in the first hour on Saturday. Recite فَتّاحُ يَارَزَّاقُ 797 times, breathe on it and wear it at the same time.


Ring of Jupiter Talisman

The sign of Sagittarius and Pisces is a divine gift for the people of Jupiter for honor, wealth, abundance, elevation. If you make a ring of Jupiter on gold, it is wonderful that you can also make it on red copper. Make it on silver and turn it into gold. Before wearing it, recite يَكَبْرُ يَامُتّعَالُ 733 times and the same number of Durood will be recited.



before wearing a Ring, one should give something in Charity as per their zodiac sign’s compatibility so that people can have maximum benefits from the Ring.

Sun: wheat, Wheat, lentil Channa, lentil Masoor, alive animals, or half a kilo of meat.

Mars: Wheat, Lentil Masoor, Red Clothe, meat, Mustard oil 9 ounces.

Moon: Eggs, Flour, Rice, Coins currency, white animal meat.

Mercury: Lentil Moong, White clothe,  birds meat.

Venus: pomegranate, flour, rice, eggs, white piece of clothes.

Jupiter:  lentil Channa, sugar, salt, silky clothe, money, and meat.

Saturn:  Lentil Black Maash, black piece of cloth, Mustard Oil, meat. 

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