Dear readers of Imamia Jantari, peace be upon you! I am grateful to the Editor-in-Chief of the Imamia Calendar who gave me the opportunity to once again present the experiences and antiquities of the series of impressions given by my Mawla Sarkar Bab Al-Hawaij Imam Musa Kazim in the service of the readers of the Imamia Calendar 2021.

Dear fellows, I would like to present to you this year a special gift of a series of impressions of immortality which has not been published anywhere in any calendar or book or media before today. This is the six-sided image of Mukhmas Soleimani which has been filled with the numbers of Bismillah on fire. Because 2021 is also under the influence of Bismillah numbers, so this image will be very successful and beneficial this year.

21=786= this naqsh resembles the ring of Hazrat Sulayman (as) and will be one hundred percent successful in all aspects (If Allah wills)

Method: The method is very simple. Take the letters of your name along with the letters of mother and purpose and take out their names. Write this image after removing the zamam. I am writing here the letter of Bismillah which is also very experienced. The goals are marriage, population, release from captivity, breaking the spell, breaking the spell, honor and pride, closure of livelihood and business, travel and accommodation abroad, etc. In the honor of any constellation, saffron, musk and rose liqueur can be written. Gold and silver loh’s are also made. And Allah knows best.

Naqsh is as follow: