am presenting a powerful amal for the readers of Imamia jantri for abundance in sustenance. In the age of hustle and bustle everyone is worried of inflation. If a person is jobless he is worried to meet his basic needs and if a person is on job he finds himself unable to live envious life because of inflation. The fact of the matter is that how to get solution while using spirituality. While doing this amal ever single believer either male or female can acquire abundance in their sustenance. In the Holy Quran the 128th verse of Surah Tauba that is a blessing for conquest.

" لقد جآءکم رسول مِنْ انفسِکمْ عزیزٌ علیہِ مَا عِنتمُ حریصٌ عِلیکُم بِالمُومِنینَ رئوفٌ رحیْم ط 128"

And the verse no 58 of Surah Zariyat that is a blessing for the acquisition of Sustenance.

" اِنَّ اللّٰہ ھُوَ الرَزاقُ ذُوالقُوۃِ المَتِیْن  ط "

Prepare a Naqsh with the ink of Saffron on the first Thursday of the Islamic/Lunar month during the period of Jupiter. After preparation of naqsh offer namaz e Hajat for abundance in sustenance for consecutive 21 days and after offering namaz blow air on the Naqsh and after 21 days keep that naqsh into your purse, shop, or on the very place where you keep the money for your expenditures.

The procedure of Namaz is as follow: In First Rakat after Surah e fateha recite 20 times 128th verse of Surah Tauba,    

" لقَد جَاءکُم رسُول مِنْ اَنفُسِکُم عَزِیز عِلیْہِ مَعِنتُم حَریِص عِلیْکُم بِالمُومِنینَ رئوف رحیْم "

and in second Rakat after Surah e Fateha recite verse no 58 of Surah Zariyat:

" اِنَّ اللّٰہ ھُوَ الرَزاقُ ذُوالقُوۃِ المَتِیْن ط "

and after the completion of Namaz recite Tasbeeh e Fatima Zehra s.a and then request in front of God  cordially while giving references of Fourteen Masoomeen a.s . By doing this your provision of Rizq will be abundant by the grace of Allah.

If any believer gets advantage while doing this amal he/she must pray for the forgiveness of  the founder of Imamia jantri Late Mr. and Mrs. Agha Nisaar, and Late Mr. and Mrs. Agha Iftikhar.

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