With the help of knowledge of geomancy past, present, future and mysterious secrets revealed. It is not really a concealed knowledge. Our scholars think that it shows nearest answer of concealed knowledge and I observed that the horoscopes of the people treat another disease while the people have different issues. And the issue treated after diagnosis it got better results. Actually the biggest issue of the people is that they read any amal in Jantri and start reciting it without diagnosing their issue. And after some time it reveals that they were not having that issue it’s not their fault either when a person get in trouble he takes every issue in the same way. He almost fails to recognize the real problem like effects of magic, effects of paranormal effects, effects of evil eyes and other health issues, that person follow every single suggestion as a passive audience.

I have tried to make the learning of Geomancy convenient for the readers of Imamia jantri in my article, so that they might diagnose their issue by themselves. I am writing in this article about the imposition of order.  The ancient masters described three benefits of extractives of horoscope, first one is to make horoscope with sixteen lines using dots. I have adopted the last one because for the previous two the receiver must be present but for the last one the receiver can tell 4 numbers and his issue  by this we can create his horoscope by imposing orders.

Geomancy has two basics 1: Rotating sign, 2: Box of Purpose. After that we must see that rotating sign is in which star and owner of which house? What is the star of that house? What is the equality of the two? Strong or weak? After that multiply the face of the rotating sign and face of the block purpose, the attaining face will be the name. Persons should see that is it present in the horoscope or not, and it is the owner of which house, and what is the star of the house of owner, strong or weak if the person is in the box of al-amrut then it is the question of present and also want to be considered in present, if a person is in manid watid then the question is regarding future then he wants to be in future, If the person is in Zayal watad then the question is regarding past so he wants to attain the same position , he possessed in the past , or if he was having bad times so he want to get rid of that, this can be figure out with the help of the luck and bad luck of the face . By using these three ways the faces are attained, by repeating them the reason of success and failure can be figure out. And with the projection of these three boxes the present, past, future and more things is told. Just practice and expertise is required.

Q#1: If a person questions about danger, life, money, children, house or trading, the danger of trading is real or not is there any danger of loss?

Answer: Draw a horoscope, look if the shapes are bad then then is possibility of danger but not of excessive loss. If the face one, seventh, ninth and tenth of the ring of the moon are good then there is no danger. If the sixth house is in the main point then there is danger of loss. If the negation of the limit, Uthbah al kharaj and lahan repeats then there is risk of reoccurrence in two or three places, if Hamza appears in the ring of the moon then it also indicates danger. If any of the two faces comes in the equity of geomancy or it reoccur then it indicates severe danger is nearer. If in the eighth, ninth and thirteenth house Qabaz ul daKhil appears, it indicates no life threat but financial threat prevails, and after seeing them collectively if you find excess of good faces then there is no danger but if in the horoscope there is excess of bad faces then is possibility of loss, Only God is the aware of secret knowledge.

Q # 2: If any one ask about travelling, to be involved of law suit, to know about the result of the examination, want to start trading and concerns about profit and loss?

Answer: Draw a horoscope if the fourth, sixth and eighth face are bad than it can be against, Collectively count the Good and bad faces of  16 houses , if you find good then it indicates good luck and if you find bad then it indicates bad luck . Now I’m writing an experiment of my teacher of Geomancy, he writes that if the Face is taleh then multiply with face seventh and face ninth and tenth, then multiply both of mutually the emerging shape is the answer. God is the only only one who is aware of every aspect.

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