Dear Readers Assalam O Alaikum! I try to present easy and understandable in the service of the readers of Imamia jantri official So that the people could take advantage from them.

Benefits of Surah Quraish:  If you find difficulty in getting vehicle, the travelling would be easy, if the car broke down, or any machinery or home appliance like cell phone, motor, refrigerator start mall functioning or you find any difficulty in your routine work/ affair, To get rid of all these problems recite Surah Fateha at once, Surah Ikhlaas thrice, and 101 time Surah Quraish with three times darood in the beginning and in the end. If a pregnant lady recite these verses in the same way so it will help her for safe delivery of child. While reciting on the grocery the sustenance will increase, you will be safe from difficulties and all kind of ailments, and you will find ease and comfort in your affairs. Reciting this Tasbeeh during morning and evening times will help you to succeed, whoever recite Surah Quraish after having meal he will be safe from any disease, who will recite this Surah twice the sustenance will continue to increase, whoever will recite this Surah thrice, and his descendants will never run out of food. This amal is permissible for everyone.

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Benefits and amal of Surah Al-Kafiroon:  Recite 1001 times by yourself, and blow upon olive oil. This amal is of great importance, need of worldly pleasure get ends. This is the Surah with the help of that Satanism eliminates, for incurable disease and to make disobedient, to your obedient recite this Surah 1001 times with seven nisaab and blow upon water, olive oil and honey, and with this oil massage the patient, the doors of blessings will be open domestic strife and resentment will be settled. Avoid music, take care of halal sustenance and truthfulness. Also through Surah fateha and Dua e Kumail treatement of diseases and diabetics is free.

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