The appropriateness of everything brings good and repels harm. For Allah, the searching (acquisition) of the Divine Name alone is the work by which the needs of this life are met and the way to salvation determined. The one who understands the great name of knowledge is like a sword cutting through the sky or an arrow falling towards the ground. This is the fastest way to implement God's command. In Surah Al-A'raf, verse 7, and the last verse of Surah Bani Isra'il, the Creator of the universe states: "

وَلِلّٰہِ اْلَااْسمَآئُ الْحُسنْیٰ فَادْعُوْہُ بِھَا "

It means to pray using the names of God. Those who pray with the desired name will have it quickly accepted.

Every noun has a special adjective. A special name or an attribute of God should be prayed for.

According to Imam Jafar's law, a great name must contain three letters, "Huruf Mastawi, Huruf Dalili, and Huruf Siri".

If there are great names associated with these types of letters, and they are recited and prayers are asked through them, then they are accepted as soon as possible. In case one divine name cannot be found, then two or three extracts must be obtained. With the blessing of this great name, every deed, whether it be for conquest or sustenance or employment, or to heal from incurable diseases, or to deter misfortune, that is, to be of any kind, will be blessed. You can derive full benefits from having a well-known name. The method is to extract three letters from the name of one's work or for the purpose of getting (i.e., a letter which is moderate), Dalili or Siri, and then to extract divine names according to these letters and then according to their number. The meaning and purpose of each letter will become clearer based on how you read it or based on the numbers in your name. A very important thing to keep in mind when reading first names is to read them according to the number. There should neither be more nor less. I will now give you a few examples to illustrate what I mean. The name Muhammad, for example

Three letters were extracted according to the rules. These include م ۔ ح ۔ د. The same three letters were derived when I extracted Mughni from the divine names, namely,  م ۔ ح د. It was discovered that this name is derived from esoteric nature. This noun has three numbers, which means when the owner of the name recites the word according to its numbers, he or she will quickly become wealthy and prosperous. Furthermore, if he utters another word, he will not be able to benefit as much as he will from the word Mughni.

I have worked hard to formulate these rules for the Imamia Jantri readers.

These rules should never be taught to an ignorant or incompetent person, or the scourge will fall on them. In my opinion, revealing secrets to the ignorant and incompetent is the biggest sin. The following is an explanation of this rule. The first letter of each noun or name is called Mastwai, and when the numbers of this name are divided by the lunar destinations and the rest are divided by the lunar alphabet, the number on which the letter ends is called Dalili. If you divide the number of this letter argument by 28, then divide the rest by the letters of the alphabet, then the number on which the letter ends is the letter Siri.


Example No. 1: 

The first letter of the name Ahmed is  الف i.e. Mustawi. Ahmed's number is 53. Divide the number by 28. The remainder will be 25 and the 25th letter is  " ذ ''  i.e. Dalili. This letter has the number 700. If we divide this number by 28, the remaining zero is left, so we count it as 28. And the 28th letter "غ" will be called Siri.


Example No. 2:

Here is an example of the name Muhammad. Muhammad's first letter will be " م  ". His name number will be 92. Divide it by 28. The remaining number is 8. Since the number eight cannot be divided by 28, the eighth letter " ح  " is found in the lunar alphabet, because if the number eight is subtracted from 28, it is left with the number 20, which is the twentieth letter "ر ". I have prepared a table of 99 names for you to take advantage of this rule. This table can be found on the opening pages of the Imamia Jantri. In other words, take the name that is based on these three letters. The letters of the name "Mughni" have been found in Asma al-Hasani. In case such a name cannot be found, then two or three names should be combined so that the same three letters come out of the names, then recite these names with piety, purity, and sincerity. You may take action if you are courageous enough to do so. With such a name, every meaning will be fulfilled. By this name, ask for help when you need it. Your needs will be met. Allah says:

"وَمَنْ يَتَّقِ اللَّهَ يَجْعَلْ لَهُ مَخْرَجاً لاَ وََّرَزَقْهُ وَمِنْ حَيْثُ لَا يَحْتَسِبُ"



For someone who fears Allah, Allah makes his way out of every difficulty and provides for him from a place he does not even think about."

From the same rule of knowledge of Jafar, we can also deduce the letters of the Quran and the numbers of the Surahs from the letters of Mastwai, Dalili, and Siri. Perhaps that verse or Surah will serve as a great name for you.

For example, the number for " 

.is 786  " بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم "


When we extracted the inner words from the verse, We  get  the external  letters  as 

"ب ، ب، ض "

the verse 

"سلام قولاًمن رب رحیم "

the number is 818 and the inner letters of the verse are   

س، و ، ت.

This verse will be the greatest name for the person in whose name these esoteric letters are created. How about if the Creator of the universe gave you courage? Thus, you can extract numbers from other verses and Surahs and use them.

Let me show you how to use the name in a common way. 

Taking the number 1410 of the name of Agha Iftikhar Hussain (deceased and forgiving) for example, the first letter of his name will be given the letter "الف", and if the number 1410 is divided by 28 then the remainder is 10 in the lunar alphabet. The letter " ی   " was found. Now, this letter " ی   " cannot be divided by 28. Therefore, if we subtract the number 10 of the letter " ی " i.e. 28, then the remaining 18 and the 18th letter is " ص " in the lunar alphabet. The letter Siri has been found. Now, three letters of Iftikhar Hussain's name have been found, namely, the letter Mastawai " الف ", Dalili " ی  " and the letter Siri " ص ". When we looked at the table of names of Iftikhar Hussain, ا، ی، ص, the great name of Iftikhar Hussain came out as Allah, whose number is 66. Iftikhar Hussain can now get all his prayers answered by Allah in his life. In the same way, the combination of vowel and noun creates a single mood that cannot be regressed. Only adapting to worldly measures and conforming to them can guarantee success. I have given you the key and have prepared the table of 99 names for you with great care. Realize that you have obtained a large amount of knowledge. The following table contains 99 beautiful names.

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