Happiness is a feeling that even an unhappy person and sad person can feel. Making your life beautiful and enjoying is possible only when a person is happy internally. There is a famous saying about happiness that you will never see any happy person screaming about his happiness. Man can hide his sorrow behind a smile but he cannot hide his happiness. Happiness brings a sense of belonging appreciation, and acceptance. Happiness cannot be ignored. This feeling is very precious and most people spend their whole lives looking for it.

If we talk about the types of happiness, it will be a little difficult to find out what makes a person happy. Happiness is related to our thoughts, emotions, and our environment. Sometimes we are happy with a very small thing while sometimes even the greatest happiness is meaningless to us. How many babies are born in hospitals every day and how many people see babies in nurseries but no else can feel the joy of a child's birth than parents of the baby. This proves that happiness has a great link with our feelings, emotions, and environment.

People find their happiness according to their nature and thinking. People with negative thinking get their happiness from negative means. People whose happiness lies in hurting others will always think of ways to hurt others. Such people not only cause pain to others but also create problems. Their joy is in humiliating someone, in seeing someone cry, in harming someone's life and property, and in taking steps that lead to fights between people. Let me make it clear that such people are mentally paralyzed. Their mental condition is unstable and they need to be treated. Don't hate such people but correct them. Explain them the real purpose of happiness and do it with the intention of reward from Allah.

Some joys are permanent and some joys are temporary. Both the sources of happiness are made by Allah and these joys are also related to our thinking. It is said that the greatest treasure of man is his memories. We are sometimes so happy to think of our good memories and live those memories in such a way that it seems that we are feeling the happiness that we were feeling when those memories happened. And let me tell you one thing, happiness is not the name of a destination, but happiness is a way to your destination.

Every happy emotion you feel is also a message from the nature. If you feel happy while doing a certain thing it indicates that it is a blessing. On the other hand if you feel unhappy while doing a specific thing that means the work is unblessed.  If you find yourself deprived of happiness, look at your surroundings as well as your inner self. Too often we run so fast in the race of life to set examples and reap goals that we forget to take care of our happiness and peace. Doing so gives us temporary success, but this happiness is temporary and diminishes over time. Always celebrate them to make them happy. Like how we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries every year to recall the happiness of the birth of a child or a marriage.  It's a way to feel happy again.

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