Hazrat Fatima is the Umm Al-Imam. Aal-e-Rasool is the name by which her descendants must be addressed and Durood must be recited upon them. Zahra, which means bright, shining, is her title. As a result, Hazrat Fatima Zahra's descendants have been called the Aal-e-Rasool, or family of the Prophet.

فاطمہؑ= ف/70- 1/1 - ط/9 - م/40- ھ/5 

The above mentioned numbers make a total of 135. Moreover, it also makes the number 9 because 1 + 3 + 5 = 9.

As a result of her veil, Fatima's name is represented by the number 9. 

ف+1/81= 9

135=(ط)/م + ھ/45= 9=1)

The number 9 lies between the two as it is Fatima's personal number. Fatima was such a beloved slave of Allah that He sent Jibrael to her as the tailor of Hasnain (tailor of Hassan and Hussain).  اللہ = 44= 4+4= 12= 2+1=3

In numerology, number 9 is known to be a number of concealment featuring many secrets waiting to be revealed. The number 9 destroys anything that collides with it. The number 9 remains constant, for example

9x 8= 72= 2+7 = 9

While the number 9 remained, 7 perished.

In the fourteen infallibles, Muhammad is number 2, Ali is number 2, Fatima is number 9, Hassan is number 1, Zainul Abidin has number 2, Muhammad Baqir has number 8, and Jafar Sadiq has number 3. Musa Kazim's number is 4, Ali Musa Raza's number is 3, Muhammad Taqi's number is 8, Ali Naqi's number is 9, Hassan Askari's number is 1, and Muhammad Mahdi's number is 2. Of the fourteen infallibles, Fatima and Imam Ali Naqi have the number 9.

Multiplication, addition, and subtraction result in number 9. The naqsh for Asma-ul-Husna 18 is shown below.


The number 9 touches each person somehow, and anyone who opposes it is annihilated. Those who are passionate about humanity should look up to Hazrat Fatima Al-Zahra's house, because it stands as an example of higher humanity. The number 9 has both constructive and spiritual effects that cannot be described. The total number of these 18 names is "3482". I have prepared a naqsh for you as well, since the cells of the naqsh are 9. In any case, this naqsh has a unique number. I have seen firsthand how the number 9 has been desecrated in my country. The goldsmiths have made and sold rings with seals, which they call God's refuge. The number 9 is attributed to the star Mars. The number 9 possesses a spiritual power when done during Mars or the peak of Mars.

I usually make this naqsh during the heyday of Mars. For the believer whose number is 9, this is the greatest naqsh.

If we look at the benefits of this number 9 naqsh, then they are those of developing a livelihood, developing a business, and for girls who cannot get married. For people with a Mars-related problem in their horoscope, this will be very useful.

Prepare a naqsh for every contagious disease, put it in water, and give the same water to the patient. If these naqsh are worn on your neck, make sure they aren't taken to the washroom and are used in a clean condition.

Recite the same 18 names of Asma-ul-Husna 99 times after preparing the naqsh, and blow it on the naqsh before using it.

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Here is the Loh e Mubarak;

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