This number has the property of providing help without requiring it. It does not get affected but has an effect. The religious significance of this number is unique. Those with this number should recite the word "Yamumin" 136 times after Fajr prayer, "Ya Rahman" 298 times after Maghrib prayer, and "Ya Sami Ya Mujib" 230 times after Isha prayer. 



It is a medium number. Its characteristic is that it expresses morality with each number. It believes in solid religion. It is particularly useful when traveling. The person with this number should recite "Ya Khaliq" 200 times after Fajr prayers, "Ya Hadi" after Maghrib prayers and "Ya Mughni" after Isha prayers.



 Political crises are brought on by this number. This number is also closely associated with politics, music, arithmetic, and science. It is recommended that those with this number recite the words "Ya Allah" 66 times after Fajr prayers, "Ya Majeed" 57 times after Zuhr prayers, and "Ya Latif" 129 times after Isha prayers.



It is a weaker number than the others, yet it tries to match each. Aware of its futility, it still continues to make efforts. It is also the number of new inventions. Arguments are common among people with this number. It distracts the bearer. With this number, the recitation of "Ya Shaheed" should be done 319 times after Fajr prayers, "Yabar" 202 times after Zuhr prayers, and "Ya Mohsi" 148 times after Isha prayers.



 It represents cleverness. This number makes its bearer feel self-deprecating and encourages flattery. These individuals are hungry for praise. For people with this number, "Ya Wahab" should be recited 14 times after Fajr prayers, and "Ya Badi" should be offered 86 times after Maghrib prayers.



There is one lucky number for all numbers. With this number, great wealth can be gained and fame and popularity can be gained. These individuals are talented artists. If you have this number, recite "Ya Aleem" 150 times and "Ya Raheem" 258 times after performing Isha prayers.



 This number is associated with bravery. This number carries spiritual power. It has a special relationship with the unseen forces and is a divine number. No companion is required for this number. People with this number should recite "Ya Haleem" 88 times after Maghrib prayers. "Ya Kabeer" should be offered 232 times after Isha prayers.



This number continually assists other numbers. Its specialty is Khidmat-e-Khalq. People of this number sacrifice themselves for the benefit of other numbers, but they are not appreciated. "Ya Batin" should be recited 62 times and "Ya Rafay" 251 times after Isha prayers for people with this number.



 Among all the numbers, this is the most powerful. It is merged with the rest of the numbers. This number requires assistance as well as provides assistance. Depending on the location, this number affects other numbers. People with this number should recite "Ya Basit" 72 times after the Fajr prayer and "Ya Kareem" 270 times after the Isha prayer.

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