Assalam o Alaikum! Dear readers of Imamia jantri I am presenting a naqsh of Surah Taha for affiliation in your services. In this naqsh solution for affiliation is available like understanding in spouses, for love marriage, and for the kindness of your cruel bosses. This amal is permissible for every kind of legitimate purposes but if anyone pursue this for illegitimate purposes he will be responsible for any circumstance and there will be a return to it.

Preparation of Naqsh: On First Thursday of Islamic month donate three kilogram of wheat flour and on Friday after ten minutes of sunrise offer two rakat prayer in the service of lady of heaven Janab e Syeda Fatima s.a and then write the naqsh with saffron according to fiery pattern, the pattern is given with the naqsh recite Dua of Rijal e Ghayab and 7 times Ya Hafeezo and blow upon you. Also take care of the position of Rijaal e ghayab that should be around your back and on your left side. Write this naqsh while eating a sweet thing and by lighting an incense. Below the Naqsh write your name and and the name of the concerned person. And recite verse no 39 of Surah Ta’aha three times and blow upon the Naqsh. 


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