Assalam o Alaikum to all the readers of Imamia Jantri! Let us all pray for the early reappearance of Imam Zamana (as) and may Allah Almighty grant us all the ability to read, understand and act upon the Qur'an. May God bless Agha Ali Farzad Sahib and all his comrades and helpers and may he forgive Afgha Iftikhaar Sahib, Agha Iftikhar Sahib's wife, Syed Muhammad Raza Zaidi, my father and all the deceased. Numerology is very popular in the world and it is very interesting which speaks of every aspect of human life whether positive or negative, beneficial or harmful. We are talking about the number 5.

Characteristics of Number 5

Such people do their work in a cheerful manner. They are accustomed to report their work all the time. The choice of such people is standard, especially clothing. They keep their belongings carefully. Such people are not against anyone. They carry their own burden. They soon become jealous. Don't be fooled by anyone. They are mentally active, clever. They are accustomed to hearing clearly and also to hear clearly. They are also somewhat stingy. Such people are interested in poetry and literature. They keep on making money and make more money than they can afford. Decision-making power is reduced. These people are Peace-loving. If they are educated then they consider themselves wise. If women have 5 then they are very capable. Do your job cheerfully and are very sophisticated. Compliments their husband, show their wealth and are not afraid of trouble. They are very stubborn and mostly Interested in household chores. Follow the advice of parents. Get along well with Husbands and in-laws. If the number is 5 then the star Mercury belongs to the constellation of Jupiter. People born between May 21-June 21 are also under the number of 5. Holy day for these people is Wednesday.

A diamond ring is beneficial for these people. People with 5 numbers are accustomed to living a very cautious life. They do not rely on anyone but themselves. They are not accustomed. They have a wide circle of friends but they are more interested in new friends than old ones. These people hate lies very much and liars do not belong to them. People with 5 keep changing colors, their nature is not stable. They are far-sighted and opportunistic.

The mental speed of such people is amazing. The power of thought is beyond measure. They get to the bottom of the matter in an instant and take advantage of it. People with 5 numbers are not very loyal. They also have some degree of urgency. These people ignore others with the slightest indifference. Such people cannot easily set foot in one place. They have freedom in nature which cannot keep them in one place. The downside of 5 people is that they can't keep secrets. Good manners, point of view, courage and masculinity are in his attributes. They are also characterized by instability, tolerance of heart, not being in the same situation, degradation, arrogance, infidelity and criticism.

People with 5 numbers are better off with the people of 5 numbers. People with numbers 3 and 9 are also a good match. However, they should stay away from the people of 2nd and 4th numbers. The will power is less but the shrewd ones understand the matter and due to laziness and sluggishness, they are also known in projects. These people are very successful if they overcome their weaknesses. Recognize marital and social relationships to the extent necessary. If these people are in any confusion, failure is failing or if they are getting frustrated then they should wear Naqsh-e-Daf-e-Sahar-e-Jadoo-e-Bad and observe the prayers. If you recite Durood Sharif first then the purpose will be achieved.

Thursday is a good day for those with 5 numbers. Start all of your work from Thursday. It is better for them to do business, agriculture, clothing store and any business or go abroad. It is not easy to befriend or get close to the number 5 people. These people make wealth based on intelligence. These people do not tolerate any kind of interference in their affairs. These people have a cautious lifestyle. Women with 5 numbers should recite 100 times Ya Waris Ya Wahab after Isha prayers.

Note: Lastly, trust in God alone and seek help from prayer and patience.

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