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26-05-2024 |19 Dhū al-Qaʿdah 1445 AH


Description: The Prophet (S) said, ‘Alcohol and faith will never be together in the breast or heart of a man.’

رسولُ اللّٰهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللّٰهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ) : لا تُجْمَعُ الخَمرُ والإيمانُ في جَوفِ أو قَلبِ رجُلٍ أبداً.

Reference: [Bihar al-Anwar, v. 79, p. 152, no. 64]

Description: The Prophet (S) said, ‘Alcohol is the mother of all indecent acts and grave sins.’

رسولُ اللّٰهِ (صَلَّيَ اللّٰهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ) : الخَمرُ اُمُّ الفَواحِشِ والكبائرِ.

Reference: [Kanz al-’Ummal, no. 13181]

Description: The Prophet (S) said, ‘All evil in its entirety has been gathered in one house and drinking alcohol is the key to that house.

رسولُ اللّٰهِ (صَلَّيَ اللّٰهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ) : جُمِعَ الشَّرُّ كُلُّهُ في بَيتٍ ، وجُعِلَ مِفْتاحُهُ شُرْبَ الخَمرِ.

Reference: ’[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 79, p. 148, no. 63]

Description: Imam Ali (a.s.) said, ‘Allah imposed…the abandonment of drinking alcohol in order to safeguard the intellect.

الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) : فَرضَ اللّه‏ُ ... تَرْكَ شُرْبِ الخَمرِ تَحْصيناً للعَقلِ.

Reference: ’[Nahjul Balaghah, Saying 252]

Description: Imam Ar-Ridha’ (a.s.) said, ‘Allah forbade alcohol due the corruption that accompanies it, and due to the way in which it alters the drinkers’ reason, and how it encourages them to deny Allah, Mighty and Exalted, and to slander Him and His messenger, and for all the other accompaniments of corruption and murder.

الإمامُ الرِّضا (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) : حَرّمَ اللّه‏ُ الخَمرَ لِما فيها مِن الفَسادِ ، ومِن تَغْييرِها عُقولَ شارِبِيها ، وحَمْلِها إيّاهُم علي إنْكارِ اللّه‏ِ عزّوجلّ ، والفِرْيَةِ علَيهِ وعلي رُسُلِهِ ، وسائرِ ما يكونُ مِنهُم مِن الفَسادِ والقَتلِ .

Reference: ’[‘Uyun Akhbar ar-Ridha, v. 2, p. 98, no. 2]

Description: Imam Ali (a.s.) said, ‘The one who drinks an intoxicant, his prayers will not be accepted for forty days and nights.

الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) : مَن شَرِبَ المُسْكِرَ لَم تُقْبَلْ صَلاتُهُ أربَعينَ يَوما ولَيلَةً.

Reference: ’[al-Khisal, p. 632, no. 10]

Description: The Prophet (S) said, ‘When one who drinks alcohol speaks, do not believe him, and if he proposes do not marry him, if he falls sick do not visit him, and if he dies do not attend his funeral, and do not entrust him with anything.’[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 79, p. 127, no. 7]

رسولُ‏ اللّه‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللّٰهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ) : شارِبُ الخَمرِ لا تُصَدِّقوهُ إذا حَدّثَ، ولاتُزَوِّجوه إذا خَطَبَ ، ولا تَعودوهُ إذا مَرِضَ ، ولا تَحْضَروهُ إذا ماتَ ، ولا تأتَمِنوهُ علي أمانَةٍ.

Reference: ’[Bihar al-Anwar, v. 79, p. 127, no. 7]

Description: Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.) said, ‘The ones who have quenched themselves in this world with an intoxicant [alcohol] will die thirsty, will be resurrected thirsty and will enter the Hellfire thirsty.’

الإمامُ الصّادقُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) : إنّ أهلَ الرَّيِّ في الدُّنيا مِن المُسْكِرِ يَموتونَ عِطاشاً ، ويُحْشَرونَ عِطاشاً ، ويَدخُلونَ النّار عِطاشاً.

Reference: [Thawab al-A’amal, p. 290, no. 5]

Description: The Prophet (S) said, ‘Whoever abandons alcohol for other than the sake of Allah, Allah will quench his thirst [in Paradise] with the sealed wine’. Imam Ali (a.s.) exclaimed, ‘For other than Allah?’ The Prophet (S) replied, ‘Yes, by Allah, for his own protection and well-being.’

11ـ رسولُ اللّه‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللّٰهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ) ـ : مَن‏تَرَكَ الخَمرَ لغَيرِ اللّه‏ِ سَقاهُ اللّه‏ُ مِن الرَّحيقِ المَخْتومِ ، فقالَ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) :لغَيرِ اللّه‏ِ ؟! قالَ : نَعَم واللّه‏ِ ، صِيانَةً لنفسهِ .

Reference: [Bihar al-Anwar, v. 79, p. 412, no. 2]

Description: Imam al-Kazim (a.s.) said, ‘Allah did not prohibit alcohol because of its name, rather He prohibited it due to its effects, so whatever produces the same effects as alcohol is [treated as] alcohol.

الإمامُ الكاظمُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) : إنّ اللّه‏َ عزّوجلّ لم يُحَرِّمِ الخَمرَ لاسْمِها، ولكنّهُ حَرّمَها لعاقِبَتِها ؛ فما كانَ عاقِبَتُهُ عاقِبَةَ الخَمرِ فهُو خَمرٌ .

Reference: ’[al-Kafi, v. 6, p. 412, no. 2]