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20-04-2024 |12 Shawwāl 1445 AH

Good Doing

Description: The Prophet (S) said, ‘The hearts have been predisposed to love those who do good to them, and to dislike those who do bad to them.’

رسولُ اللّٰهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللّٰهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ) : جُبِلَتِ القُلوبُ علي حُبِّ مَن أحسَنَ إلَيها ، وبُغْضِ مَن أساءَ إلَيها.

Reference: [Tuhaf al-’Uqul, no. 37]

Description: Imam Ali (a.s.) said, ‘What a good provision for the Resurrection good-doing towards people is.

الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) : نِعْمَ زادُ المَعادِ الإحْسانُ إلي العِبادِ.

Reference: ’[Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 9912]

Description: Imam Ali (a.s.) said, ‘Good-doing is the tithe (Zakat) of victory.’

الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) : زَكاةُ الظَّفَرِ الإحْسانُ .

Reference: [Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 5450]

Description: Imam Ali (a.s.) said, ‘He whose good-doing is much his brethren will love him.’

الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) : مَن كَثُرَ إحْسانُهُ أحَبَّهُ إخْوانُهُ .

Reference: [Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 8473]

Description: Imam Ali (a.s.) said, ‘Hearts are won over through good-doing.’

الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) : بالإحْسانِ تُمْلَكُ القُلوبُ .

Reference: [Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 4339]

Description: The Prophet (S) said, ‘Do good unto the one who has wronged you.’

رسولُ اللّٰهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللّٰهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ) : أحْسِنْ إلي مَن أساءَ إلَيكَ .

Reference: [Kanz al-Fawa’id li al-Karajiki, v. 2, p. 31]

Description: Imam Ali (a.s.) said, ‘Indeed your good-doing to the enemies and the jealous ones who scheme against you is more irritating to them than your taking an offensive stance against them, and it is also a motivation for their reform.’

الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) : إنّ إحْسانَكَ إلي مَن كادَكَ مِن الأضْدادِ والحُسّادِ ، لأغْيَظُ علَيهِم مِن مَواقِعِ إساءتِكَ مِنهُم، وهُو داعٍ إلي صَلاحِهِم .

Reference: [Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 3637]

Description: It is narrated in Nur al-Thaqalayn with regard to Allah’s verse: “Certainly whoever submits his will to Allah and is a good-doer…”[Qur’an 2:112]: It is reported that the Prophet (S) was asked about good-doing, to which he replied, ‘It is to worship Allah as if you see Him; for verily even if you do not see Him, indeed He sees you.’

تفسير نور الثقلين : في قولهِ تعالي : «ومن أحسن ديناً مِمّن أسْلَمَ وَجْهَهُ للّه‏ِ وهو مُحْسِنٌ» : رُويَ أنَّ النَّبيَّ (صَلَّيَ اللّٰهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ) سُئل عنِ الإحْسانِ ، فقالَ : أنْ تَعبُدَ اللّه‏َ كأنَّكَ تَراهُ ، فإنْ لَم تَكُن تَراهُ فإنَّهُ يَراكَ.

Reference: [Nur al-Thaqalayn, v. 1, p. 553, no. 579]

Description: Imam Ali (a.s.) said, ‘Truly if you do good, then it is your own soul that you honour and do good to, but if you do wrong, it is your own soul that you degrade and wrong.’

الإمامُ عليٌّ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) : إنّكَ إنْ أحسَنْتَ فنفسَكَ تُكْرِمُ ، وإلَيها تُحْسِنُ ، إنّكَ إنْ أسأتَ فنَفسَكَ تَمْتَهِنُ ، وإيّاها تَغْبِنُ.

Reference: [Ghurar al-Hikam, no. 3808]